Sit back and relax

With more people jetting off abroad, longer security checks and busier terminals, airport lounges provide the perfect opportunity to avoid some of the hustle and bustle and start your trip in style.

Your DragonPass membership gives you access to over 800 lounges worldwide where you can take advantage of the first class facilities on offer.

  • Enjoy a glass or two of Champagne or eat as much or as little as you like from a range of freshly prepared hot and cold dishes.

  • Enjoy a wide range of drinks including wines, spirits, beers, coffees, teas, hot chocolate and fruit juices.

  • Work with free Wi-Fi or kick back and read the complementary papers or wide range of magazines.

  • Many lounges include free massages and hot showers.

  • Have a rest in a private room or relax in the comfortable, calm seating areas.

  • Many have fully equipped areas designed for children to enjoy with games and cinemas.

Airport Lounge FAQs

Do I get any lounge visits with my membership?
How many airport lounges can I access?
How do I locate a lounge in the airport?
How long can I stay in the lounge?
Can I take other people into a lounge if they do not have a membership?
Can I take children into an airport lounge and what facilities are there?
Can I access a lounge if I have forgotten my card?
What facilities can I expect to find in a lounge?
Is there Wi-Fi access in the lounges?
Do I need any other documents to use my airport lounge pass?
Can I use a lounge irrespective of the airline I am travelling with and class of my ticket?
Can someone else use my card to gain access?
Can inclusive visits be transferred to the next membership year?
How do I view my lounge visits?
Are the airport lounges run by DragonPass?
Do lounges provide flight information?
Can I pre-book an airport lounge visit?

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    • Full list of available lounges and locations, and facilities available
    • Location of lounge within airport terminal
    • Information on service usage and free passes remaining